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When you are trying to promote and market a product online, you need to make use of all the tools available. By implementing the correct marketing techniques, you are bound to yield higher sales and consequently earn more money. You need to focus and target your audience that is more likely to make a purchase.

Our website has been designed professionally and offer professional services in adult entertainment. So you already have one thing working for you when trying to market the website. Clean professional sites sells better and has a better reputation with its clients are well as our friendly customer support.

We recommend that you use honest marketing techniques to draw people to visit the site. And try and make your promotional pitch friendly and honest. People are not very likely to join if they feel that you are trying to force a sale on them. So be energetic and concise with your marketing techniques.

  • Banners.
    We have made available a wide range of banners that you can use on your website, blog, newsletter, third party paid advertising, etc. The use of the banners draws peoples attention to what is being offered. A lot of men and women for that fact enjoy what is offered at our site. Once you start rolling out our banners, you will start sending people to our site via your affiliate ID. Consequently you will get sales leads from a certain percentage of the traffic sent. 
    Implementing the banners on your publications, is fairly easy, it is all explained on our banner page. Essentially you will upload our banners to your server or host and link them via your affiliate ID. Nothing complicated and most individuals should not encounter problems in setting up their banners.
  • Textual Adverts.
    The use of textual advertising can be an effective tool to get the word out. You can setup links really easy with your affiliate ID on your publications, blogs, social media, etc. Any person clicking on your likes with your affiliate ID get tracked and any sales get credited to your account.  You can also include links on posts that your write, any article written by you, it is possible to work in a link with your affiliate ID. Any person reading your posted article that decides to click on your link, it will become a potential sales lead.

We recommend that you try and use both textual adverts and banner advertising. If you have more experience in marketing a website, you can use other methods that can yield more sales.  By knowing what works best, you will have more opportunity to generate more sales and earn more money in the process.

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