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Women increasing their intimate body parts using vacuum pumps to make them swell big!

Janis Story

Janis is a young woman that lives in California and has a secret that she wants to share with you.  Janis loves Girls Pumping, subscribed a few months back, and has ever since loved it.
Janis is a young woman that lives in California and has a secret that she wants to share with you.  Janis loves Girls Pumping, subscribed a few months back, and has ever since loved it.

In her own words…

I have always had a kinky side to my personality and have always wanted to try something new sexually. I am single at the moment, so experimenting on myself with new ways to get some pleasures from my body has been something I like and enjoy doing. One day I was searching the internet visiting porn sites and came up to this site. I started looking over it and decided to join; it was something that just captivated my imagination at seeing all the girls pump themselves.

What I like to do is pump my clit at work, so I always carry my clit pump in my purse. I love to pump my clit at work when everyone is around and no one has a clue about what I am doing.  It makes it exciting, usually I go into the ladies room and start pumping my clit there, once I get enough suction, I remove the pump from the cylinder and pull up my panties. Then with my clit in place, I go back to my desk and just enjoy the feeling of my clit being sucked hard with everyone around me.

Clearly, doing it with a skirt or dress on makes it easier to hide the clit cylinder since it points down. Nevertheless, even when I am wearing pants, you can hardly see it, and it makes it more of a thrill to think what some of my colleagues are thinking if they notice a small cylindrical shape in my pants. My clit is over 1" long nearly all the time I am pumping. I pump my clit at work, as much time as I can, it seems to be increasing in size and I love it. Usually I leave the clit pump for about 30 minutes, then I simply slide my hand up my skirt when no one is looking, plus I do not think anyone would notice unless they are beside me at my desk.

You hear a small release of air as I let the vacuum pressure out and free my clit from the cylinder. It feels so intense and makes me get all wet. I guess in part is the thrill of doing something naughty by my desk at work.  I sometimes pump in the car when driving home from work or on trips. I love having a large clit, and it really gets big inside the cylinder when I apply a lot of pressure to it. I can look at it and imagine myself stocking my clitty with my fingers. Oh, just writing about it, makes me feel all horny! I guess I will go and pump my clit right now, all girls should try it, it will make your sex life a lot more fun and interesting, trust me!

Love, Janis




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