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Girls Pumping:

Women increasing their intimate body parts using vacuum pumps to make them swell big!


The information presented within this page will answer most common questions regarding the use of Girls Pumping. Should you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you in any manner possible.



Will I Receive Anything By Mail That May Be Embarrassing?

Absolutely NOT, when you subscribe to Girls Pumping, we do not mail anything to your home. Your subscription to Girls Pumping remains private and confidential. Your information is only used for billing purposes, so nothing will be sent to your home or used in any other manner. Rest assured that your information is safe.

- Subscribing to Girls Pumping

Subscribing to Girls Pumping is fairly easy and straightforward, all you need is to select a subscription plan and enter your payment information. Depending on your country of residence, you can pay by credit card, banking account transfers or by phone billing. All transactions are provided in a secure manner to protect your personal information.

- Login Problems

Most login problems occur if you are not entering the correct username and password. All usernames and passords are CAsE SeSitVe, meaning that they need to be typed in as they appear in your subscription plan. If you opted to select your own username and password, you need to type it in as you selected. Or if you granted the system to generate your username and password, please enter it as it appears in your welcome email.
- We recommend you tick the save login details on your web browser for ease of entering the site.
- If you cannot login, please contact customer support

- Password Change

If you require to change your password, you need to contact customer support to make the necessary changes. Please note that your username cannot be changed.

- Security

When you subscribe to Girls Pumping, please note that your username and password are to be kept confidential. Do not share these as it violates the terms of service. If you feel that you username and password have been compromised, please contact us to have it changed and avoid having your account blocked.
- We recommend that you select difficult to guess passwords, that contain at least 8 to 16 characters with a combination of letters and numbers.

- Billing Information

If you want to lookup your membership information and update your payment methods. You can visit our billing providers page and make all necessary updates to your account and billing information.
- To update your billing account

- Cancel Subscription

We will feel sad to see you go, however if you must cancel your subscription, please visit the link to our billing provider. The cancellation process is automated and only takes a moment to have it canceled. Or contact customer support to see if they can apply a special discount for active clients.
- To cancel your subscription

Website Use


- How To View Videos

All users can watch all the videos on the site without require any special hardware. All the videos on Girls Pumping playback in HTML5 and flash. So we recommend that you update your web browser to the latest edition and or simply have flash installed on your computer. This way you can watch all the movies, additionally you can download the movies to your computer for personal viewing.

- Can I Download Videos?

Yes, all members of Girls Pumping can download movies to watch them on their computer or stream them to their high definition TV. All movies downloaded are for personal viewing only, it is illegal to upload, share or redistribute videos or any other type of content you download from Girls Pumping.

- Do I Need Any Special Plugin To Use The Site?

No special plugins are required to view and use the Girls Pumping website. But we do recommend that you update your web browser to the latest edition to keep it up to date with changes in technology and better compatibility.

Affiliate Program


- Joining the Affiliate Program

We appreciate your interest in our affiliate program, which can help you generate a primary or secondary source of income. Our affiliate program is managed by Verotel, which is efficient and easy to use. You can join our affiliate program by going to our affiliate page. Our commissions are one of the highest on the Internet and offer a good sign-up ratio due to the quality and professionalism of our services.
- Join our affiliate program

- Viewing My Sales

All affiliates can view their sales and commissions earned by logging into their affiliate account. Within your account, you can see all the different sales and revenue you have generated as well as have access to more information about your affiliate account in order to maximize your earnings.

- Getting Paid

Our affiliate program is managed by Verotel, once you have joined our affiliate program, simply enter your payment details. As you start selling subscription to Girls Pumping you will start seeing your commissions growing and income generated. All payments are sent out by Verotel on the payment frequency you have selected within your affiliate account. You can get paid by wire transfer, check or direct deposit depending on your country of residence.

- Increasing Revenue

As an affiliate to Girls Pumping, you can increase your revenue by using our tools, such as implementing banners, links and other methods of promoting sales. You can use marketing tactics, such as taking advantage of social networks, emails, run advertising on search engines, etc. Remember that one sale should generate enough for a small advertising budget to continue generating new sales.

- Banner Use

All affiliates can use our banners and links located in our affiliate section. These banners can be implemented on your website(s) or other means to get sales. All banners are linked to your affiliate personal link to track your sales and your traffic. Banner use can be an excellent tool to promote sales and generate more income for an affiliate.

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