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Textual Advertising

Textual advertising is an effective way to get people to visit a website. When creating textual links be sure to properly include your affiliate ID so you get credit for all sales coming from you and the work you done.

By default all the traffic you send to our site, you need to use a link with your affiliate ID. The typical link is setup in the following manner:

The 9804000000036364 is a random affiliate, you will need to replace this number with your affiliate ID. It is very important that you place your affiliate ID number in this portion of the link to get credit for all your sales.

An example of an html link to add to your website, blog, etc.

  <a href="”> Girls Pumping their pussies! </a> 

The above html code would generate the following link:

Girls Pumping their pussies!


Creating Google/Bing style ads

An example of a google/Bing style text advert:

     Pussies Expanding Large
    Enjoy hot girls getting infalted!
    Best choice in adult entertainment

The html code for the above text advert would be the following:

  <a href=""><span style="font-size: 14px;">Pussies Expanding Large</span></a><br><span style="color: rgb(0,128,0);"></span><br>Enjoy hot girls getting infalted!<br>Best choice in adult entertainment</p> 


Creating a Link to a different landing page

If you would like to your visitors to land on a specific page, you can use the following code:<affiliateidnumber>&URL=http:<landingpage>

There the <affiliateidnumber> is your affiliate ID, and <landingpage> is the url of the page you want a visitor to land on.


The above link would take your visitors to our affiliate page.

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