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How to get sales?

When you are working as an affiliate, you are essentially helping us to make subscription sales to site. This in turn, gives you the ability to generate a healthy profit of 50% of the ticket price sale. So the key element in making sales is that you will have to have some means of spreading the word out in the web about our site. The more people you can inform of the existence of our site, the more people you reach that are potential clients. Increasing your opportunity to make a sale and earn your commission rate.

The internet is a vast place and you can reach millions of individuals in any corner of the world. We will outline some of the methods in which you can start promoting sales. This way you can have some place to start, which is good if you are a novice affiliate who is trying it out for the first time. Individuals with experience can get right to work.

  • Blogs.
    There are countless companies offering free blogs to any person who wants one, such as wordpress, tumblr, live journal, blogger, weebly, etc. All of these blogs, allow you to sign up and create an account. Once you create an account, you can start writing about different things and have fun. You can enter links in what you write about and even links on the blog. When you enter a link, you can enter your affiliate link, so any person who clicks on that link; you will send them to our site and have generated a potential client for a sale.
  • Social Media.
    You can use social media to spread the word, you can sign up to different social media sites, such as facebook, twitter, google +,  linkedin, etc. There are countless of these social media sites, so you can basically setup your affiliate links and allow people to use them to get to our site, once again any person who clicks on them and arrives on our site, you will have a potential client. Should she/he decide to subscribe, would earn you 50% commission.
  • Your Website.
    If you are a website owner, then you should obviously give our affiliate program a try. You can generate more income with us then running regular ads on your site. Because with us, you know that you are getting half of the money from every sale generated. So it gives you a good potential to earn a lot of money from placing our ads and text links on your site.
  • Email Marketing.
    If you run an email newsletter, you can setup your affiliate link within it to market the site. The more people who read your newsletter with your affiliate ID, it will increase your sales potential. Email marketing is good for individuals who run their own newsletters or want to setup one.
  • Forums and Posts.
    If you like to write articles or posts for various sites, you may want to include your Affiliate ID. Provided the site you write your posts allows you to provide a personal link in your profile for your writing services.
  • Paid Search Engine Advertising.
    You can buy advertising space from one or various search engines and run our ads on them. Sometimes it is wise to invest some money or a small portion of your generate sales in advertising on third party sites. Let’s say you make a sale and earn $20 dollars on one sale, you invest 10% ($2 dollars) on third party advertising and for the ads running. With the paid advertising, you generate another sale of $20 for having invested $2 on getting it or perhaps you generate 3 sales. Sometimes it takes money to make money, advertising on third party sites, such as search engines can be good. It allows you to essentially run your own small marketing company, and given that we offer 50% commission, you will have enough space to pay for advertising.   

Trying anyone of these approaches can lead you to generating sales, as you learn more about how to do it. You will find different methods to get the word out and get people to visit the site to potentially join and generate your sales commissions.

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